La cornue X Kongo

La Cornue X Kongo

Cyril Phan, alias Kongo, starts graffiti in Brazzaville. Back in France, the young graffiti artist became known in the Paris region and then produced XXL frescoes with the Mac Crew collective. Kongo then implemented with the biggest luxury brands: Hermès, Chanel, thus signing the entry of Street Art into the pantheon of Arts. Far from the vandalism with which it was once associated, graffiti floods the highest spheres of luxury with its colors.

It was for its 110th anniversary that La Cornue, an excellent brand of the finest kitchens, called on the graffiti artist. Kongo signed six pianos representing the five continents and France, using enamel gradients, the superposition of color, and the inlay of graphic characters. This unique cooking piano, dedicated to Europe, comes in a variety of pastels, highlighting the elegance and beauty of La Cornue work.

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