Our History

Virginie Vialle and Romaric Segalen are both passionate about art. During their travels around the world, they met several artists and got to discover their work. 

A graduate of a school of applied arts, Romaric Segalen first created Cuisinium, which enabled him to deploy his aesthetic vision in interior design. His sensitivity is deeply rooted in the material, which thus became the exhibition line of La Galerie. It exhibits bronze, wood and marble in a glass roof nestled at the back of an elegant courtyard.

Virginie Vialle, his wife, shares a deep love for aesthetics, but also for transmission. Founder of the Harmonie Center for Alternative Therapies and Medicines, she sees a “refuge value” in art, “it reassures us, provokes emotions in us because it is a living process, a testimony. »

Their desire: to transmit their passion, share these works that make them vibrate and allow everyone to exchange around these exceptional pieces.

34, rue Colbert à Reims, 51100 REIMS

La galerie est provisoirement transféré au 34, rue Colbert à Reims


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