Born in 1982 near Versailles to a Sicilian father and a French mother, Gian Marino was passionate about sculpture from childhood. Near his childhood house, there is the Château de Grignon, where he likes to escape when no one else is there. In his galleries of busts and ancient reliefs, Gian dreams of ancient stonemasons and sculptors; he promises himself that one day he too will be part of it.

Gian Marino loves materials, wood, stone, concrete. He cuts, sculpts and molds a raw work. At the heart of his creation, there is the desire to escape. Escaping from a sometimes lonely childhood, from a winding adult life, then becoming part of the lineage of these great sculptors he loves so much. Among them, Christophe Charbonnel whom he admires more than anything. If the work of Gian Marino is still at its dawn, he already carries the heritage of the old masters of which he is one of the last to preserve, in his workshop, the ancestral techniques.

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